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Around a decade ago, the most important and widely adopted method for publicity was offline marketing by default. Newspapers, pamphlets, and announcements were quite impactful to pull the crowd to an event or promote some product. With the introduction of digital media and especially with the breakthrough of the internet, online marketing has taken over rapidly.In the present world, online marketing is very popularly adopted and is replacing the conventional offline marketing methods. As compared to offline marketing, online marketing has an upper hand in the following aspects:

  • In offline marketing where the reach is limited to a particular area or a group, online marketing offers a wide reach of the audience for promotion. In the present world which is becoming digitized, online marketing gives greater and more impactful results.
  • Online marketing gives wide options of the media used for promotions. Digital marketing which involves the use of graphics for promotion attracts more readers rather than a part of a paper.
  • Considering the conventional means of marketing, the print media is more costly as compared to online and digital marketing. The basic requirement for it is internet connectivity.
  • Offline marketing is still in the roots. However, gradually we are matching up with the pace of this changing world. Hence a shift towards online marketing is definitely working towards bringing a revolution.

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